About GSO

Our goal at GSO is to serve as a major resource of orientation and professional development opportunities for graduate students. Our program offers students opportunities throughout the year that are designed to help enhance their personal goals as well as professional and academic success. This enhancement also benefits the entire academic community of Bowling Green State University through the training of our graduate assistants.  The orientation experience is offered both virtually and through on-campus experiences.

Virtual GSO is our main orientation program and offers our participants sessions that focus on graduate student resources, assistantship training, and academic skill enhancement such as teaching tips and techniques, research resources, technology training, and personal/professional development. 

GSO is here to help you meet the challenges and responsibilities of your graduate education and will introduce you to the excellent faculty at BGSU, the vast array of technology and services available to you on campus, connect you with fellow graduate students, and introduce you to the Graduate College. In addition, each department organizes specific programming. This programming will familiarize students with departmental procedures and facilities; and provide students on assistantships with information regarding their assistantship duties. 


The mission of Bowling Green State University’s Graduate Orientation program is to enable all graduate students to acquire advanced skills in the areas of professional development, instructional competencies and techniques, and technology and research. Additionally, we will provide them with internal campus resources and external community resources. Finally, we will aid students in gaining an understanding of academic policies and procedures, in order to promote their academic and professional success.


The vision of the Graduate Student Orientation program is to educate incoming graduate students of institutional policies and procedures and to provide support of teaching, research, and administrative skills, as they seek to fulfill their academic goals.

The continued success of GSO relies upon the involvement of the campus community.  If you wish to become involved in GSO or have any questions please contact any of the GSO staff.