Curriculum Development Forms

As we prepare to transition to the new curriculum review and approval platform in August, it is necessary for us to put a hold on accepting curriculum modifications, including new courses or programs, using OnBase. 

We are in the process of collaboratively modifying the requested information and existing questions on curriculum forms so that they better align with the current needs of faculty and students and provide the necessary information for an improved curriculum review. The updated questions will be available by April 29 and will be distributed to all academic units. If you or your colleagues are planning to develop or revise curriculum over the summer, please do so using the new questions so that they can be more easily transferred to the new platform after its launch in August.  

We appreciate your patience and collaboration as we navigate this stage of the catalog and curriculum modernization initiative and remain committed to working with you to ensure that proposals currently in the pipeline are reviewed as expediently as possible. Please contact us with questions, and we will do our best to help you.

Updated: 03/28/2023 05:10PM