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  • PD.education provides BGSU graduate students and faculty with remote, on-demand resources aimed to make graduate education easier. The materials on this site include professional development for ten topics, including:

     o Academic Writing
     o Argumentation
     o Critical Thinking
     o Getting Published
     o Graduation Prep
     o Job Prep
     o Research Design
     o Thesis/dissertation Design and Proposal
     o Tools and Hacks
     o Wellness

How to access PD.education

  • Go to https://pd.education/bgsu-login.html, then log in using one of these access points.

     o BGSU Master’s Students
        § Username: masters.bgsu@pd.education; Password: #123Bgsu#
     o BGSU Doctoral Students
        § Username: doctoral.bgsu@pd.education; Password: #123Bgsu#
     o BGSU Faculty / Staff
        § Username: faculty.bgsu@pd.education; Password: #123Bgsu#

  • Once you are logged in, you may set up your own personal login.  Your login will allow you to save your progress on the site, and to receive notices of future live events.

Updated: 11/09/2022 02:51PM