Residential Network Responsible Use

3341-2-30 Residential Network Responsible Use

All University Units

Responsible Unit:
Office of Residence Life / Information Technology Services

Policy Administrator:
Director of Residence Life

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

The purpose is to articulate to students living in on campus housing and/or using a residential computer lab the appropriate uses of the university network and the physical lab.

(B) Policy

It is the responsibility of residents to use residential computing facilities and services in compliance with university, city, county, state, and federal laws and regulations. Violation of policies governing the use of residential computing resources may result in the suspension of network or lab use privileges, or other disciplinary action by the university. In an effort to ensure proper use of facilities and services, the following rules are in place to promote responsible use of the residential computing network.

(1) Residential computing network services and wiring may not be modified or extended beyond the area of their intended use. This applies to all network wiring, wireless, hardware and data jacks.

(2) The residential network (in-room connections or computer lab connections) may not be used to provide Internet access to anyone outside of the university community for any purposes other than those that are in direct support of the academic mission of the university.

(3) Residents utilizing in-room Ethernet connections will receive a network address for their computer. Use of a network address other than the one assigned may cause network problems and is prohibited.

(4) The residential network is a shared resource. Thus, network use or application use which inhibits or interferes with the use of the network by others is not permitted. For example, applications which use an unusually high portion of the bandwidth for extended periods of time, thus inhibiting the use of the network by others, are not permitted. Residential computing reserves the right to terminate any in-room or cluster computer connection without notice should it be determined that network traffic generated from that connection drastically inhibits or interferes with the use of the network by others.

(C) Computer Lab Responsible Use Policy

The residential computer labs are provided as work environments for students and members of the residential community. The primary use of these resources is for academic related work. All other uses are considered secondary.

(1) During the academic year, residential computing resources are for use of the on-campus student population. The only exceptions to this policy are used by residential computing staff, and use by university faculty and staff for presenting classes or seminars to on-campus students.

(2) Academic work by students takes precedence over all other uses of the lab computers (such as games, non-academic e-mail, nonacademic Internet browsing, etc.). When the lab is full and other residents are waiting to use a lab computer, non-academic use is prohibited.

(3) Printing to lab printers is limited to academic work and to single copies of the material.

(4) Usage of the lab is governed by the Community Living Standards (for example, quiet hours) and by any specific lab rules approved and posted by residential computing.

(5) Anyone whose use of the computer lab hampers, endangers or otherwise disrupts other students’ use of the computer lab may be asked to leave by residential computing staff.

(6) Anyone who is using a computer to display material that is offensive to other members of the community may be requested to move to another computer.

(7) Accessibility to a residential computing lab when staff are not present is conditional upon responsible use. Residential computing labs operate with a base number of hours with staff present. Labs may also operate without staff present for extended access hours. Continuation of extended access hours is conditional upon:

(a) No theft of equipment or residential computing materials.

(b) No damage to the lab or any items in the lab.

(c) No tampering with security systems, computer software, etc.

(d) No abuse of the lab or of posted lab rules

(D) Possession of food and drink, and the use of all tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, is prohibited in residential computing labs. 

Registered Date: March 12, 2015