Political Campaigning

3341-2-27 Political Campaigning

All University Units

Responsible Unit:
Office of the Dean of Students / Office of Residence Life

Policy Administrator:
Senior Associate Dean of Students / Director of Residence Life

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

The purpose is to define for students and candidates for public office the rules for campaigning on-campus for election.

(B) Policy Scope

The policy applies to all students running for an office in a student election and anyone assisting them with their election, as well as candidates campaigning for public office and their campaign workers.

(C) Policy

(1) Student Elections

Candidates conducting campaigns for positions within the Undergraduate Student Government and the Graduate Student Senate must abide by university policies and their respective organizations constitution and bylaws. Each candidate who wishes to canvass or register voters door-to-door within the university residences shall be responsible for securing a letter from the Director of Residence Life authorizing the candidate to canvass or register voters door-to-door. In addition to the letter of authorization, each candidate shall be given copies of the regulations governing canvassing and voter registration in university residences.

(2) Public Elections

In order to conduct campaigning on campus, all candidates for public office must register with the Office of the Dean of Students prior to campaigning. All candidates for public office must comply with all university policies including but not limited to: advertising policies, space reservation policies and applicable residence hall policies.

Registered Date: March 12, 2015