Keys, Personal Entry Devices (PEDs), and Bathroom Codes

3341-2-21 Keys, Personal Entry Devices (PEDs), and Bathroom Codes

All University Units

Responsible Unit:
Office of Residence Life

Policy Administrator:
Director of Residence Life

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

The purpose is to articulate to students living in on campus housing their responsibility of their keys, PEDs and the bathroom codes to promote safety of their rooms and the residential community. It also outlines what happens when keys are misplaced or lost.

(B) Policy

(1) Electronic Door Access System

All of the university residences have been equipped with an electronic door access system. The effectiveness of this system is dependent upon its proper use. Misuse and mismanagement of personal entry devices (PEDs) reduces the system’s effectiveness and places the safety of all residents at risk. Propping of doors that are electronically supervised will sound an alarm and alert the building staff of the residence of an illegal entry. Tampering with the electronic door access system makes for an unsafe living environment, is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.

(2) Keys, Personal Entry Devices (PED s) and Bathroom Codes

Students will be issued a key, a personal entry device (PED) and a bathroom code which they are expected to use responsibly, taking into consideration the safety, security and privacy of other residents. Keys, personal entry devices and bathroom codes are for personal use only, and students are not to loan or share any of this information with others at any time. Keys and personal entry devices are the property of the university and must be returned when a student checks out of the room and/or suite/apartment or at the request of the supervisor of the residence. A person suspected of sharing their key, personal entry device, or bathroom code may be subject to disciplinary action.

(3) Lost or Stolen Keys/Personal Entry Devices (PEDs)

Should a key or a personal entry device be lost or stolen, students are responsible for reporting the lost or stolen item to the front desk or supervisor of the residence immediately so that appropriate steps can be taken to prevent illegal entry. Students will incur a cost for obtaining a replacement personal entry device. New locks for either the room/suite/apartment or for all exterior doors to the residence will be installed depending upon which key or keys have been lost or stolen. The cost of replacing locks and keys will be incurred by the responsible party.

(4) Lock-out Key Policy

Students who are accidentally locked out of their rooms/suites/apartments can obtain a lock-out key from the front desk or supervisor of the residence. The lock-out key is for short term use and should be returned within thirty minutes. Use of the lock-out key in excess of two times during a given semester is considered excessive and students will be charged for each additional use of a lockout key, since all students are expected to carry their keys and personal entry devices (PEDs) with them at all times. Failure to return the lock-out key within the allotted time period or other forms of abuse, misuse, or excessive use may result in conduct action, loss of lock-out key privileges, or both.

(5) Misplaced Keys

If a key is misplaced, residents are responsible for reporting the misplaced key to the front desk or supervisor of the residence. A lock-out key may be obtained for an extended forty-eight hour period to allow time to locate the misplaced key. If the misplaced key is not found and/or the lock-out key is not returned within the forty-eight hour period, the misplaced key will be considered lost and a lock change will be ordered and charged to the party responsible.

Registered Date: March 12, 2015