Faculty Workload Assignment Policy

3341-6- 49 Faculty Workload Assignment Policy

Full-Time Faculty

Responsible Unit:
Office of the President

Policy Administrator:

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

This policy was approved by the BGSU Board of Trustees on May 8, 2015 (Resolution 39-2015) to establish a workload policy that supports quality and excellent work of the faculty in the areas of teaching and learning, research and creative work, and professional service.

(B) Policy Scope

This policy applies to all BGSU full-time faculty members covered under
the collective bargaining agreement between BGSU and the BGSU Faculty
Association – AAUP.

(C) Policy  
  1. Annually, each faculty member at BGSU will be assigned duties that ensure that he/she is fully engaged in the University work of providing an outstanding education for our students and building the University's reputation through scholarly work and service. Service should be aligned with the expertise of the faculty and could be outreach in the region and beyond, to the profession, or leadership in University governance. Collectively, the faculty's assignment will be subdivided in the three major areas previously mentioned teaching, research, and service. The allocation in each area depends on the discipline and faculty member's expertise. A faculty member assignment could be completely allocated in any one of the three areas but, in most cases, a tenure-track faculty member will have assigned duties in each of the areas of teaching, research and service and a non-tenure-track faculty member will typically have assigned duties in each of the areas of teaching and service.

  2.  The assignment will be made during the preceding spring term before the beginning of the academic year by the department chair/school director. These assignments must be approved by the Deans and the Provost. The Collective Bargaining Agreement provides the process for the annual faculty evaluations.

Registered Date: December 3rd, 2018