Forensic Scientist and CSI Professional Training


Forensic science methods used in today’s crime laboratories and investigation techniques employed by modern CSI continually evolve to provide the most complete and accurate information possible to our justice system. A central goal of the Center for the Future of Forensic Science is to help practicing forensic scientists, CSI and other law enforcement professionals keep pace with these changes through the creation and delivery of advanced continued training opportunities.

By combining the vast forensic science and criminal investigation experience of Ohio BCI with the wealth of academic and education delivery resources of BGSU, the Center is uniquely positioned to identify and provide for the ever-evolving training needs of forensic science, CSI and other law enforcement professionals.

Professional Training: Upcoming Opportunities

Forensic Science for Judges

Location: Bowling Green State University

Date: November 2019

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Professional Training: E-Learning Modules

The Pharmacophore Rule

After the Lab Report: Discovery for Forensic Scientists
It is recommended the user review the rules referenced in this module in their entirety. Links are provided below and at the conclusion of the module. 
Ohio Revised Code 2925.51
Ohio Revised Code 2945 (select 2945.46)

Rule 16(K) of the Rules of Criminal Procedure (select Rule 16; review K)

Rule 45 of the Rules of Civil Procedure (select Rule 45)

Ethics in Forensic Science

The Heroin and Fentanyl Problem

The Center for the Future of Forensic Science has teamed recognized subject matter experts with Agile Oasis Technologies to create convenient on-line training opportunities intended to address the contemporary needs of forensic science practitioners.

Each training module is designed to deliver a focused message through an interactive user experience in as little as 20 minutes. At the conclusion of a training topic, user comprehension is assessed and evaluated. Users successfully completing the assessment are prompted to print a unique certificate of completion, providing effective quality management system documentation.

Available training modules are linked above. To access, you or your agency must be pre-authorized by the Center for the Future of Forensic Science. If you are seeking authorization, or are having difficulty viewing a training module, please contact the Center for the Future of Forensic Science at or 1-419-372-0224.

The Center for the Future of Forensic also offers a variety of “live” continued training opportunities presented by the top experts in their fields. Live training has been delivered at BGSU, remote locations and via webinar to practicing Forensic Scientists, CSI and other law enforcement professionals representing agencies throughout Ohio and the United States.

Examples of live professional training offered to date include advanced investigation of clandestine laboratories; the application of scientific methodology to fingerprint and other pattern evidence examinations; and safety precautions for law enforcement professionals handling the potentially lethal heroin/fentanyl drug mixtures currently found on our streets.

Watch our Forensic Science News section for upcoming professional training opportunities. If you have suggestions for continued professional training events, please contact the Center for the Future of Forensic Science at 419-372-0224, or email us at

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