Objective 6: Telling Our Story

Raise BGSU’s profile as a national, comprehensive research university that drives the social, economic, educational, and cultural vitality of our region, nation, and world.

Context: Raising awareness of the significant contributions of BGSU to the communities it serves will positively impact student enrollment, faculty recruitment and retention, and philanthropy efforts. We must also better position BGSU’s employees and friends to champion the University’s research, service, and engagement activities.

Spring 2018 Feedback Session Themes

Develop and implement a strategic marketing plan to raise BGSU’s profile as a national, comprehensive research university that drives the social, economic and vitality of our region, nation and world through excellence in academic programs, research, athletics and cultural performances


We will develop and implement comprehensive and strategic marketing and communication plans at the university and unit levels to ensure consistent branding and more effectively articulate the quality and value of BGSU to alumni, friends, and prospective students. We will create strategies that support messaging around research, creative activity, service, diversity, inclusion, and engagement to demonstrate to the public BGSU’s importance and relevance.


We will leverage external-facing programs, including intercollegiate athletics and the arts, to promote the University’s focus on excellence and to further the reputation of the University.


We will develop strategies and processes to achieve national rankings that will enable BGSU to recruit students and faculty and improve our reputation.


We will stay true to our mission as a public university. We will intentionally define public good, and plan, measure, and champion our university’s impact by connecting purposeful messaging and branding.


We will align strategies and increase our engagement with state and federal officials and agencies to improve community and governmental relations, increase awareness of BGSU, gain access to resources, and enhance our public relevance.