Objective 5: Aligning for Excellence and Value

Enhance the quality and value of a BGSU education by developing a physical, organizational, academic, and financial infrastructure that ensures the University’s short- and long-term vitality and success.

Context: In serving students from across the socioeconomic spectrum, BGSU does not have flexibility in raising tuition. We have, however, made good progress in using our limited resources more efficiently. All members of the BGSU community must continue to identify and improve processes and operations toward enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness. At the same time, we must ensure that BGSU provides the facilities and technology essential to vibrant learning, research, and creative environments.

Spring 2018 Feedback Session Themes

Implement University Advancement strategic plan that grows the endowment, improves business processes, and connects students, alumni, and friends to the University’s mission and needs

Ongoing continuous review and refinement of academic programs, curricular offerings, and non-academic programming to ensure alignment with University strategy and/or sustainable financial capabilities

Develop robust systems (data analytics, process improvement) for university leadership to achieve excellence and efficiency within and across all functional areas


We will refocus and reconfigure academic and non-academic programs to improve effectiveness and enhance collaboration and innovation. We will consider program elimination and alternative organizational structures to reallocate resources to enhance overall quality.


We will develop the second phase of the campus Master Plan to serve the needs of our emerging programs.


We will design and implement academic affordability initiatives to address the cost of a BGSU education (e.g., textbook costs, fees).


We will implement practices and data systems to achieve excellence and efficiency within and across all areas of the University.


We will develop and implement a technology plan that includes learning space enhancements, emerging technologies, mobile learning, and technology-enhanced pedagogy in the classroom.


We will continue our sustainability efforts and reaffirm our participation in the Climate Leadership Network.