Objective 4: Advancing Our Impact through Engagement

Expand domestic and international engagement and partnerships to benefit students, academic programs, research, and outreach.

Context:  With a strong vision of synergistic partnerships, BGSU will continue its success in developing new programs, providing new facilities, and growing collaborations among faculty, students, and the community. New partnerships will be developed to support additional academic programs and facilities and to expand our resources. BGSU has tremendous potential to expand philanthropic giving from alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations. An increased emphasis on private fundraising will be necessary to recruit and retain talented and diverse students, faculty, and staff and to build a stronger BGSU.

Spring 2018 Feedback Session Themes

Strengthen and grow external partnerships to expand academic programs, research/creative work and engagement activities to fulfill our mission and the needs of the external partner

External program/research/outreach partnerships  


We will create and enhance mutually beneficial partnerships with domestic and international organizations, universities, corporations, and foundations (e.g., Mercy Health, Cedar Fair, University of Salzburg) to establish new programs and opportunities for the BGSU community, to enhance the quality of our programs, to provide research and engagement opportunities, and to serve the interests of our partners as well as our region, nation, and world.


We will develop private and public partnerships that improve facilities, support research and creative activities, and enhance the vitality of the BGSU community.

External philanthropic relationships


We will successfully complete the Changing Lives for the World campaign by engaging alumni, friends, donors, corporations, and foundations to build relationships for BGSU’s next comprehensive campaign.


We will implement a plan that improves the quality and integrity of data systems for University Advancement to better track and analyze information relating to alumni, friends, donors, foundations, and corporations.


We will develop and implement a strategy to creatively engage alumni and friends to increase annual giving, connect them to other alumni and friends, and provide them opportunities to support current students’ life and career success. We will promote programs, including intercollegiate athletics and the arts, to serve as an ongoing connection with our alumni throughout the world.