Objective 3: Empowering and Supporting Our People to Achieve Excellence

Support all individuals to build a quality learning community that fosters diversity and inclusion, collaboration, creativity, and excellence.

Context: To be a strong, thriving, competitive university, BGSU must ensure that all students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to achieve excellence in their work. BGSU must be as diverse and inclusive as the communities it serves.

Spring 2018 Feedback Session Themes

Ensure access to mental health counseling, advising, and mentoring services to meet the expanding needs of today’s student and support retention, graduation, and student success

Invest in all employees and implement a comprehensive talent management system (recruitment, onboarding, professional development, etc.) to ensure BGSU attracts and retains the best faculty and staff

Prioritize diversity and inclusion for faculty, staff, and students (e.g., increase recruitment and retention, improve culture, enhance intercultural competence, and strengthen institutional accountability)  


We will enhance and support a culture that values diversity and inclusion by developing and implementing a comprehensive (detailed and outcomes-orientated), strategic diversity plan that increases the recruitment, retention, and success of a diverse student body, faculty, staff, and administration.


We will significantly improve the quality of teaching and learning by implementing student-centered initiatives that ensure our learning environment sets clear expectations, supports one another, intellectually engages and involves students, and provides feedback and assessment.


We will inventory existing plans and develop a comprehensive and coordinated professional development plan for all employees of BGSU to better position them for success.


We will enhance the leadership and supervisory capabilities of our faculty and staff by delivering professional development programs.


We will coordinate and enhance systems and programs that support mental and physical health and well-being for all members of the BGSU community.