Objective 2: Increasing and Connecting Our Research and Creative Activities for Public Good

Support and focus BGSU’s research and creative activities to serve the public interest and support our commitment to the public good.

Context: A strong and active academic research identity enhances the reputation of an institution and its graduates.As a Higher Research Activity University (Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education), BGSU has significant research and creative activity. BGSU recognizes that a robust research and creative agenda enhances graduate and undergraduate student experiences, attracts strong faculty and staff, and leads to a better educated and more productive citizenry.

Spring 2018 Feedback Session Themes

Identify 2-3 societal challenges in Ohio and align our efforts to demonstrate and communicate BGSU’s active contributions to the “public good” for Ohio and beyond

Achieve national/international recognition for research excellence in 5-10 disciplines


We will conduct research and creative activities at BGSU to provide undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to apply knowledge and/or create new knowledge.


We will identify and support three or four areas of focus that build the national and international reputation of BGSU and serve the public interest by addressing issues of significance.


We will increase external funding, including pursuing major comprehensive grants, to better position BGSU’s research and external engagement efforts.


We will develop the ability of faculty and students to articulate the value and relevance of their research and creative activities and how their work contributes to the public good.