Objective 1: Redefining Student Success

Provide undergraduate and graduate students (traditional and post-traditional) a demonstrably superior and innovative learning experience that intentionally prepares them to lead meaningful and productive lives.

Context: U.S. higher education is in a period of great transition, one marked by the impact of technology, changing public expectations, and globalization. Traditional, residential Midwestern universities will face a dramatic decline in the number of high school graduates beginning in 2024. In addition, BGSU does not offer extensive academic programs in two of the largest areas of current enrollment growth at other universities, namely, health care and engineering. With this in mind, we must develop academic programming to serve fields that are in demand. BGSU also lags behind other Ohio universities in serving the needs of post-traditional students. BGSU recognizes the increasing needs of our region’s post-traditional, adult students, and by expanding programming we can support this underserved student population and expand our enrollment.

Spring 2018 Feedback Session Themes

Deliver a differentiated undergraduate experience that intentionally prepares students for meaningful and productive lives as well as their career goals

Achieve national/international recognition for excellence in 5-10 additional undergraduate and graduate academic programs

Implement a Graduate College strategic plan to ensure adequate and sustained support for all graduate programs essential to the University’s mission, regional development, and workforce needs

Target key underrepresented (e.g., Hispanic) student sub-populations with necessary financial support (i.e., discounting and scholarships) to achieve University goals for retention, graduation, and success

Commit academic and co-curricular programmatic support to attract, retain, and graduate key undergraduate subgroups such as: transfer, degree completion, high achieving, college-ready, and College Credit Plus students

Grow post-traditional student enrollment through the development of targeted academic programs, innovative program delivery, and administrative/support services that create a more inclusive culture tailored to this population


We will ensure that each traditional undergraduate student has been intentionally prepared for lifelong personal and career growth, engaged citizenship, and leadership. We will redefine student success to make BGSU a stand-out university of first choice. We will achieve this by transforming what we are teaching and how we are teaching.

A. We will review all programs to ensure that we are intentionally (not passively) preparing students to achieve competencies appropriate for personal and career success. We will ensure that our learning outcomes are focused on both the mastery (knowing) and competencies (doing) of content knowledge. With a focus on “doing,” we will further leverage BGSU’s strength in providing high-impact practices, such as study abroad, internships and co-ops, undergraduate research, service-learning and learning communities. Additionally, we will expand experiential education by requiring every student to complete an interdisciplinary signature project that addresses an important societal issue. This builds on the work of our Center for Civic and Community Engagement and the Vital Communities Initiative and aligns with BGSU’s mission to create public good through our students, faculty, staff, and graduates.

B. We will integrate academic and career advising to provide undergraduate students with a holistic approach to their education. Recognizing that degree completion is not sufficient preparation for life after college, we will ensure that students consider what is needed to live meaningful and productive lives by requiring them to periodically review and update their life/career plan as part of the advising process.

C. We will leverage BGSU’s historic strength of providing an immersive, residential student transformative experience by aligning student life programs (e.g., clubs, organizations, activities, residential programing, athletics, etc.) with supporting student success.


We will expand BGSU’s reach to new student populations, which will allow our university to expand where we teach. We will leverage the strengths of Firelands College and existing programs that address the needs of adult and part-time students to develop and support an ecosystem focused on enhancing the success of post-traditional, adult students (e.g., support services, academic policies, advising roles, mobile technology, and hours of operation). We will identify and grow or maintain robust enrollments in 25–30 online/hybrid programs (both undergraduate and graduate) that meet the career needs of large numbers of post-traditional students.


We will add or enhance academic programs in areas of workforce demand, such as in health care (e.g., nursing), applied STEM (e.g., data science, software engineering), and hospitality.


We will provide additional support to those undergraduate and graduate programs that have the potential to become nationally and/or internationally ranked, have strong enrollments, build BGSU’s reputation, and inform the public debate around important societal issues.


We will implement a comprehensive enrollment plan that is focused on recruiting and enrolling multiple subpopulations of traditional and post-traditional undergraduate and graduate students (e.g., domestic and international, out of state, underrepresented, first generation). This will include employing the strengths of Firelands College, Honors College, and eCampus programs. We will review current academic scholarships, waivers, and stipends to determine what is needed to attract and support a talented and diverse student body.