When BGSU’s Golden Falcons arrived on campus for an inaugural induction ceremony and reunion in spring 2015, the University took the opportunity to create a video that showcased Falcon spirit. Golden Falcons are alumni who have been graduates for 50 or more years.

The video celebrates the BG Falcon Family with two current students and a young alumnus singing about BGSU traditions, interspersed with video footage of the Golden Falcons during their reunion visit. The song and video highlight traditions that unite the generations: Freddie and Frieda, SIC SIC, the rock, nationally-ranked cheer and dance teams, the hill and Falcon Flames. Emerging traditions such as the squirrels and zombies versus humans are also included to generate student interest and enthusiasm.

“When you are a Falcon you are a Falcon for life,” is a theme that unites generations of proud BGSU graduates. Share your spirit with #FalconsFlyForever

Are you a Falcon for Life?

Share your spirit #Falconsflyforever#FALCONSFORLIFE

Singers (in order of appearance)

Darius Byrd from Columbus, Ohio, is a senior majoring in engineering technology. He is the host for student organization called Cru, a member of the BG undead, and a local artist who makes music for youth under the name “Byrd The Voice.”

Danny Carder, a senior from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, is a musical arts major with a minor in communications. He sings on the worship team at H2O Church where he also leads a life group. He is the president of Ten40 Acappella and sings with BGSU Vocal Jazz Singers.

Wesley Strieter, from Monclova, Ohio, graduated in 2009 with a degree in classic civilizations. While a student he was involved with Cru and recently accepted a job with KCC International in Louisville, Kentucky.

Guest talent (in order of appearance)

John Smith ’59 – first BGSU wrestling scholarship recipient
Irwin Berg ‘52
Fred Frisbie ’54 – former Freddie Falcon
Mickey Cochrane – beloved BGSU lacrosse and soccer coach
Frank Valli ‘52
Fred Frisbiew ‘54
Dorothy Blommingdale Woods ’47 – oldest alumna to attend Golden Falcons 2015 Reunion
Dr. Kermit Stroh ’03 (Hon.) – see his first rap video appearance
Dr. Crystal “Boo” Ellis ’57, ’75, ’93 (Hon.) – legendary BGSU basketball player
Edward Levy ‘54
Frank Valli ‘52
Bob Baltz ‘57
Dr. J. Robert Sebo '58, '13 (Hon.) – loyal BGSU supporter
Earl ’53, ’57 and Connie ’53 Nissen ­– Falcon Flames
Edward Levy ‘54
Jack and Rosalyn Elliott ’55 Koss
Susan Kinsel ‘54
Fred Frisbie ’54 and Tom Stellers ’62 – Tom hasn’t missed a Homecoming since graduation
Susan Kinsel ’54 and Carol Sutliff Jordan ’54 – sorority sisters and former roommates
JoAnn Leonard Neff ‘53
Julie Crossen ‘61
William Crone ‘53
Bob Bahna ’63 – first BGSU baseball scholarship recipient

Special thanks to the BGSU Dance and Cheer teams, SIC SIC, and Freddie and Frieda.

This video was written and produced by Madhouse - a studio in Toledo comprised of many graduates who are proud #FalconsFlyForever.