Student Mail

Student mail is handled by the Campus Post Office from all carriers, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. BGSU has a unique zip code, 43403, and all mail with this zip code will be delivered to campus.

Student mail must be addressed with a full, formal name and residence hall address, including room number. We have many students on campus with the same or similar name, so complete and accurate information is important for timely delivery.

  • The delivery status of incoming packages can be tracked on the shipper’s website:,,
  • Packages identified as “Delivered” by the USPS after 8am will not be received on campus until the following business day
  • USPS packages identified as “Delivered” on Saturday will not be received on campus until the following business day

  • In many cases, UPS will deliver packages to the USPS for final delivery to campus. In that case, a status of “Delivered” may mean delivered to the USPS, and the above receipt times will apply
  • Name and addressing concerns with packages may result in a delay in delivery.

    • No name, names other than the student name on record, inaccurate residence hall or room information will cause delays.
    • If the correct owner cannot be identified, mail will be returned to sender.
  • Items received requiring additional postage will be held at Stamper’s Mail and Copy Center for student pick-up and payment of additional postage. Students will be notified of a postage due item via email.
  • Concerns with package delivery can be emailed to or by calling 419-372-7789.  
  • Paper mail, such as envelopes and magazines, is picked up once a day from the city Post Office and delivered to the front desk of each residence hall each day Monday – Friday. The front desk will then sort paper mail into the student mailbox provided by Residence Life. There is no pickup of USPS mail on Saturdays or University Holidays.
  • Paper mail does not contain a tracking number and therefore cannot be tracked for delivery status. Under normal circumstances, paper mail is delivered to each residence hall the same day it is received.
  • Packages, and items with tracking numbers, from all carriers, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx, will be processed daily to the Student Package Pick-Up area in the Bowen Thompson Student Union. During the peak time in August, September and January, the Pick-Up area will be in room 228. Other than peak time, Student Package Pick-Up will be located in Falcon Outfitters.

    • Packages are received and processed Monday – Friday.
    • Fed Ex and UPS express packages are also received and processed on Saturday.
    • USPS packages arriving at the local post office on Saturday will not be picked up by BGSU until Monday.
    • Packages received before 3pm each day are in most cases processed and made available for pick up the same day they are received.
    • Packages received on campus after 3pm will be processed the following business day.
    • While every attempt is made to process packages in a timely manner, we do not guarantee delivery times. For example, a guarantee by UPS for noon delivery only guarantees the package will be delivered to BGSU by that time.
  • Students will receive an email notification when their package is ready for pickup. A student ID is required for all pickups, and students may only pick up packages in their own name.
  • The Student Package Center will be open the same hours as the Falcon Outfitters. 
  • Concerns with package delivery can be emailed to or by calling 419-372-7789.
  • Should a package be deemed too large or too heavy for traditional pickup, delivery to the front desk of the residence hall will be arranged. Students will receive email notification of the pending delivery.