Opportunity Assessment Report Out Committees

The following committees have been appointed by President Mary Ellen Mazey to explore implementation of BGSU’s Opportunity Assessment recommendations (AROC) by the management-consulting group Accenture.

Updates on the progress of the committees can be found here.

Key: Admin=Administrative Staff member; Class=Classified Staff member; Fac=Faculty member; G=Graduate student; UG=Undergraduate student

Organization, Employees and Benefits

Sheri Stoll, Chair
Christian Apaflo, G
Amy Puffenberger, UG
Sheri Wells-Jensen, Fac
Charlie Stelle, Fac
Becca Ferguson, Admin
Simon Morgan-Russell, Admin
Mike Hachtel, Admin
Faith Olson, Class

Student Services

Joe Frizado, Chair
Jill Carr, Admin
Jeff Jackson, Admin
Barb Henry, Admin
Erin Bortel, G
Nicole Neely, UG
Rob Snyder, Fac
Paul Johnson, Fac
Jan Garber, Class
Deb Lowery, Class

Core Administration

John Ellinger, Chair
April Braden, G
Brian Kochheiser, UG
David Border, Fac
Abby Priehs, Admin
Terry Gentry, Class

Research and Advancement

Shea McGrew, Chair
Mike Ogawa, Asst. Chair
Michael D. Smith, G
Amanda Dortch, UG
Mike Zickar, Fac
Sharon Swartz, Admin
Steve Kendall, Admin
Lisa Bowen, Class

Auxiliary Operations and Facilities

Steve Krakoff, Chair
Brian Jaffee, G
Matt Mazur, UG
Neocles Leontis, Fac
Bruce Meyer, Admin
Jennifer Echhardt, Class
Sarah Waters

Education Platform

Rodney Rogers, Chair
Michael J. Mastalski, III, G
Amir Huggins, UG
Joel O'Dorisio, Fac
Kathy Hoff, Fac
George Bullerjahn, Fac
Sherri Orwick Ogden, Admin
Kathleen Newman, Class
Sue Houston, Admin