Learning communities help students take charge of their BGSU future

By: Brett Holden, Ph.D., Academic Affairs Coordinator of Learning Communities, Office of the Provost; Director, Chapman Learning Community

BGSU is a national leader in learning community design and development. For more than two decades, thousands of students have enjoyed living together in our learning communities, taking courses in the residence halls from student-centered faculty members who have on-site offices, enjoying the active nature of the experiential learning classes and adventures offered in each community, and ultimately developing the important life-long friendships that come as a result of living and learning together.

Chapman Learning Community sophomores study plant science with Dick Bostdorff, president of the Agricultural Incubator Foundation, as they grow vegetables for transplanting in the BGSU Community Garden and flowers for the Wood County Public Library.

While we have always understood, fostered and enjoyed the personal connections we make with our students, and our students with one another, such benefits have never been more clear than during the current pandemic.

Across the entire network, more than 90% of students enrolled last fall remained members in the spring, noting their learning community provided them with the connections and human contact for which they yearned.

Your student may have been one of our community members last year but if not, it’s not too late! Returning students can still apply to be a member of many learning communities!

I invite you and your student to visit the Learning Community website and explore our offerings. If one or more of our communities is a good match, we will be accepting applications throughout the summer until each community is full.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, we are happy to further explain our work or help match your student with a community related to their major or area of interest. Simply call the Office of Learning Communities between 8 a.m and 5 p.m. EDT Monday-Friday at 419-372-9979

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