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Student employment services

At BGSU we are committed to the professional growth and development of its student employees. More than 3,200 students work on campus at BGSU each year and for many of them, campus employment provides opportunities for development and practice of BGSU's core values: 

  • respect for one another
  • cooperation
  • intellectual and spiritual growth
  • creative imaginings
  • pride in a job well done

Campus employment is essential not only as a means of financial assistance and work skill development for students of BGSU, but also as a service necessary to the operation of the University. 

Student employees are an integral part of nearly all University operations, departments, and offices. BGSU recognizes all student employees as valuable human resources. For students, the experience of working on campus can be a significant factor in the preparation for future careers. Student employees are expected to learn skills in areas such as interpersonal communication, time management and personal responsibility.

Student Employment Categories

Student employment positions at BGSU are classified as Federal Work Study (FWS) and Regular Employment. Any eligible BGSU student may work at a job labeled as Regular Employment. Only students who qualify for and receive FWS eligibility as part of their financial aid package can be paid from FWS funds.

Regular Employment | Any BGSU student who meets enrollment requirements may work as a regular student employee. Departments hiring students for regular employment up to 28 hours per week are charged for 100 percent of the student's wages.

Federal Work Study (FWS) | Federal Work Study is a federally funded, need-based student aid program. Students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), demonstrate financial need and be offered Federal Work Study eligibility by BGSU's Office of Student Financial Aid in order to be considered for FWS positions. Students are notified of their eligibility in an award notification issued by Student Financial Aid. Federal student aid funds pay 60% of the student's wages while the employing department pays the remaining 40%. Students who tutor in the Family Literacy Program are the exception; they are paid with 100% FWS funds.

More information can be found in our Student Employment Handbook.

Updated: 06/25/2021 03:00PM