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BGSUChoose Price Comparison

In the spirit of the HEOA and keeping prices affordable for students, Falcon Outfitters has a textbook price comparison service called “BGSU Choose” where students can compare prices with online vendors including Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, CourseSmart, and many more!  Registered students can click on the orange “Book List” button in their class schedules, but anyone can access this same feature from within the BGSU Schedule of Classes. Below are a set of tabs to help you navigate the content and a video demonstrating how to reach the price comparison page. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Students who wish to take advantage of the BGSU Choose price comparison system simply need to do the following:

  1. View - Log into MyBGSU, enter your Student Center, and open up your class schedule in list view.
  2. Click - Click on the orange "Book List" button, then click the large green button on the pop-up to automatically bring up the books needed for all your classes. *Be sure your browser settings allow pop-ups*
  3. Hero - You have now been redirected to the Hero website where you can choose and purchase the course materials for your classes.
  4. Enter - Enter your class, course number and section and select the red "ADD" button.
  5. Click - Click on the red "VIEW COURSE MATERIALS" button.
  6. Compare - Using the tabs on the left side created for each course, compare prices of major Internet resellers including, as well as book rental companies.
  7. Select - Choose the books you want to order from the seller you choose, and select them to put them into electronic shopping carts.
  8. Checkout - When you are ready to finalize your orders, simply click on the "Checkout" icon in the top right corner and follow the directions!

*Check Library Availability: A new feature now searches for books that are available for checkout from the OhioLINK network, which includes BGSU. "Library: Available for Loan" will be displayed below the book information - simply click on that link to display the OhioLINK page for that book.

The BGSUChoose price comparison tool allows students to compare pricing and shop from one site, instead of having to open multiple tabs.

The program is simple. Click on the ‘Book List’ button located by the class information in the student’s schedule and BGSUChoose will redirect you to the Hero website where it will display the book information and the prices for new, used, rental and eBooks from multiple vendors. This unique feature allows students to obtain the best price available when purchasing their books. When the student is ready to buy, they simply choose the book they would like to order by clicking on the vendor icon and selecting the type of book they would like to purchase or rent.

The books are placed in a shopping cart for each vendor. The details are displayed and changes can be made at any time by clicking on the “Items In Cart” button.

The easiest way for students to select books if they are already registered is by accessing their class schedule under MyBGSU and clicking on the “Book List” button.  For students who are not yet registered, this also can be accomplished from within the BGSU Schedule of Classes.

If a faculty member or department has not yet requested course materials for a class or section, a message will display explaining that. If NO books are required for a class, a different message will be displayed.


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Some additional items outside of books are available for purchase on our merchandise site. Shop for those items here.