New Textbook Ordering Process

Textbook ordering is now performed exclusively online through Sidewalk Hero. You can easily compare prices at various retailers and order online.

View your book list and order textbooks online at BGSU.edu/booklist

  • Simply log-in using your BGSU username and password
  • View your booklist, compare prices at major retailers, and order online!

View your booklist now


Shipping information for students living on campus

Students living on campus can utilize their campus address when ordering course materials.  The student will receive an email from the Package Center when the books arrive.  During the first four (4) weeks of classes, packages can be picked up in the Bowen Thompson Student Union - Room 228.  After that time, packages will be available in the Package Center located in Falcon Outfitters.

Shipping information for off campus students to pick up books on campus

Off campus students wishing to pick up their course materials on campus may do so.  They must use the following format on the ‘ship to’ address to insure delivery.

Student Name
Student’s BGSU Email Address
441 Woodland Circle
Bowling Green, OH  43403