University-wide Evaluation of Teaching and Learning


Faculty Senate and Academic Affairs are collaborating to explore the development and utilization of a student evaluation of teaching and learning at BGSU that includes a set of common university questions and provides flexibility for colleges and departments to add specific questions.

Instrument Construction Work Group

Implementation Committee


Preparation Spring 2016
Instrument Construction
Fall 2016
Pilot I Fall 2016
Software Selection  Spring 2017 
Pilot II Fall 2017 - Summer 2018
University-wide Implementation Fall 2018

Final Items for the Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning at BGSU

Alignment with the Four Pillars of Student Success*

1 The instructor clearly explains course objectives and requirements. Expectations
2 The instructor sets high standards for learning. Expectations
3 The instructor offers helpful and timely feedback throughout the semester Feedback/Assessment
4 The instructor provides opportunities and/or information to help students succeed (for example, tutoring resources, office hours, mentoring, research projects, etc.) Support
5 The instructor encourages student participation (for example, by inviting questions, having discussions, asking students to express their opinions, or other activities) Engagement
6 The instructor creates an environment of respect. Engagement and Support

*See Provost's website ­ BGSU Student Success Ecosystem
(Based upon the framework of V. Tinto, Completing College: Rethinking Institutional Action)