Bookstore Advisory Committee


To advise the Director of the University Bookstore and to foster communication between the bookstore management and the University community.


1. Periodically review the University Bookstore procedures with respect to its broad range of services;

2. Conduct periodic surveys in order to solicit student, faculty, and staff opinions of the bookstore services and inform the bookstore management as to the results of these surveys;

3. Serve as liaison between the University community and the University Bookstore management;

4. Foster a broad public relations concept that could be projected to the University community at large.


  • Four elected faculty members;
  • One additional faculty member in first four years, appointed by the Committee on Committees for a one-year term;
  • Two undergraduate students appointed by USG for one-year terms;
  • One graduate student appointed by GSS for a one-year term;
  • One member of the administrative staff elected by the administrative staff for a three-year term.

EX OFFICIO (Non-voting):

  • Director of the University Bookstore


The chair of the committee shall be elected from among the elected faculty and administrative staff members.


Three of the elected faculty members must be eligible for election to Faculty Senate ( Academic Charter, Article V.B).


All elected, appointed and ex officio members have full voting rights. Consultants are non-voting members. ( Academic Charter, Article V.B)