Education Abroad Exhibitors

Students have the opportunity to study abroad for the fall semester, spring semester, full academic year or summer in Salzburg, Austria, or Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Each program is coordinated by a Bowling Green State University faculty member. Students are registered for BGSU courses and receive BGSU credit, and can make use of all of their institutional, state and Federal financial aid when participating in one of these programs.

Students have the opportunity to study abroad for the fall semester, spring semester or full academic year through Bowling Green State University’s exchange partners. Exchange programs provide students the opportunity to be fully immersed in the academic setting studying alongside host country nationals in university courses. Students remain in full-time status at BGSU while studying abroad at a partner university and scholarship/financial aid packages can apply. While on exchange, BGSU students pay BGSU tuition and fees and can make use of all of their institutional, state and Federal financial aid when participating in one of these programs. Room and board will be paid to the host institution. (See Exchange Partner descriptions below)

Students have the opportunity to study abroad on short-term programs through Bowling Green State University Faculty-Led programs. Short-term programs range from 1–10 weeks and occur during the spring break, winter break or summer sessions. BGSU sponsors several programs in a variety of countries world-wide with program options varying year-to-year. Each program is coordinated by a Bowling Green faculty member under the guidance and supervision of BGSU Education Abroad. Students receive BGSU credit and will be registered under a BGSU course number when studying on a BGSU program.

BGSU has formally affiliated with several study abroad program providers to offer a wider variety of programs for BGSU students to choose from. Students participating in affiliated programs may be eligible to utilize institutional, state, and federal aid to pay for expenses related to these study abroad programs. Students will earn regular BGSU credit and grades for their coursework completed on affiliated programs.  Program-specific scholarships and grants may also be offered through the affiliated organizations directly.    

The following organizations are offering officially BGSU study abroad programs:


The OIC offers additional study abroad programs through other public universities in Ohio. As a member of the OIC, Bowling Green State University can send students to over 42 countries world-wide while students utilize their institutional, state and federal aid. (Note: Participants in BGSU’s President’s Leadership Academy are not able to use their scholarship for OIC programs.)

Every year Bowling Green students study abroad on non-Bowling Green programs, which are programs accredited by other institutions. Federal aid may be utilizable, depending on the program.

BGSU International Exchange Programs

Aberystwyth, Wales – Aberystwyth enrolls close to 15,000 undergraduates and is located in a surrounding city deemed one of Wales’ great towns. BGSU students may choose from many disciplines, including Welsh and Welsh History. Additionally, the university has a BBC studio on campus.

Ras al Khaimah, UAE – AURAK us a small institution in the United Arab Emirates, an oil-rich nation on the Persian Gulf. All courses offered at UAE are in English, and students may take courses related to business and management, communications, English literature, biotechnology and a number of disciplines in engineering.

Madrid, Spain – located in the Spanish capital of Madrid, the Comillas exchange is a great way for International Studies students and students needing credits in the Humanities and Social Sciences to have a culturally immersive experience in the heart of Spain. Comillas is the only university ranked in the Times Higher Education rankings.

Melbourne, Australia – Situated in the large Australian city of Melbourne, and with two seaside campuses in the state, Deakin offers a variety of educational atmospheres as well as a wide array of courses. The school is well known for its programs in sports and fitness, which makes this exchange a unique opportunity for students in that major at BGSU.

Staffordshire, UK – Keele is a public research university that boasts one of the largest campuses of any in the UK. It is known for its politically engaged student body and its robust contributions to research. BGSU students may study Art, Art History, Business, Education, English, History, International Relations, Music, Psychology, Theater and Film, and more.

Mannheim, Germany – Mannheim is a mid-size German city with a rich cultural history that is conveniently located for travel within Europe. The university is situated primarily within an 18th century palace, and is recognized for its beautiful buildings and multicultural atmosphere. This exchange offers many courses in media and communication, but is not limited to that field of study.

Seoul, South Korea – SWU is a private school in Seoul, the capital and largest city of South Korea. Preference for this program is given to students in Media and Communication, but courses in English are offered in Tourism and Leisure, Fashion Design and Merchandising, as well as Korean language and culture. Men may attend over the summer.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – VU is a large, publicly funded research university in Amsterdam that places a focus on social, cultural and philosophical perspectives. BGSU students may choose from 300+ courses taught in English, including Arts, Earth & Life Science, Business & Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Education, and Social Science.

Business Exchanges

Nantes, France – the Ecole de Management in Nantes is one of Europe’s leading business schools. It is situated in Brittany, a culturally distinct region of France.

Ghent, Belgium – Ghent is a beautiful, historically and culturally important city in Belgium, a small nation in Europe that plays a major role in the Western European Economy. Artevelde is highly accredited and provides promising education opportunities and business connections for BGSU students participating in this exchange.

Oslo, Norway – The exchange with BI marks the first agreement BGSU has had with a school in Scandinavia. With triple accreditation, BI is a very well renowned institution in the beautiful, bustling Norwegian capital.

Hong Kong – Study business and media communications in one of the world’s prominent economic centers. HKBU has been a fully-accredited institution since 1983 and enrolls over 10,000 students. Courses are conducted in English.

Yeonsu-gu, Korea – INU has focused on developing its international programs in order to become a leading university in Asia, with an emphasis on quality of education and facilitating world-class research.

Madrid, Spain – Carlos III is a world-class university in Madrid, Spain, that offers over 50% of their undergraduate courses in English. An internationally-minded campus, over 18% of their student population is international.

Taipa, Macau – Macau is a major Asian economic center, with the highest per-capita GDP in the world. The University of Macau recently moved to a new campus, and their main language of instruction is English.

Strasbourg, France – the University of Strasbourg, which houses the Ecole de Management, is the second-largest university in France, founded in 1538. Strasbourg is a major city in the European Union, one of two cities that houses the European Parliament.  

Bristol, UK – The University of the West of England is a public university located near the city of Bristol, United Kingdom. UWE Bristol is a thriving, modern university, offering a wide range of highly respected courses and employment-enhancing opportunities. With 26,670 students, UWE is the larger of the two universities located in Bristol. In 2016, UWE Bristol was ranked as one of the top 150 universities in the world under 50 years old in The Times Higher Education ranking.

Language and Culture

Daegu, Korea – Daegu is a larger private university with strong programs in the social sciences. Study Korean language & culture with some courses taught in English.

Tours, France – a major French city in terms of economics, history and culture, but with the charm of a smaller town, Tours is a great place to spend time abroad. Université Françoise Rabelais is a French public university that offers most courses for exchange students in French; students on this exchange must be prepared to study French.

Hiroshima, Japan – HJU is a private women’s college that enrolls nearly 1,870 students and focuses primarily on Liberal Arts and Human Life studies.

Changshua, Hunan, China – Study Chinese language & culture at one of China’s key 100 universities. Hunan Normal is known for its robust library and location near the mountains.

Nishinomiya, Japan – Kobe College is a small liberal arts institution for women founded by American missionaries in 1875. They are known for their distinctive architectural styles, particularly their unique rooftops and marble floors. Kobe has strong programs focused on Japanese culture.  

Nagoya, Japan – NGU’s Institute for Japanese Studies brings language instruction and cultural enrichment for foreign students, and has an overall undergraduate enrollment of about 4,500 students.

Nagoya, Japan – NU is a private co-education institution with an enrollment of 10,000 students. It is situated in Nagoya, Japan’s third largest city.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – PUC-Rio enrolls nearly 18,000 undergraduate students and is located in one of South America’s largest and most culturally vibrant cities. BGSU students will study Portuguese and Latin American studies.

Saitama, Japan – Saitama University is a renowned research institution in Saitama, Japan. Its enrollment is just over 9,000 students.

Shandong, China – Study Chinese and Asian studies at Shandong University, the second national university to be established in China, and also listed as one of 21 first-class universities in 2001 by the Chinese ministry of education.

Hwaeseong, Korea – Suwon enrolls nearly 11,500 undergraduates and is located in Hwaseong, near Seoul, South Korea. Courses are offered in language and literature.

Xi’An, China – Xi’An is the location of China’s famous Terra Cotta Army, built during the Qin Dynasty in the late third century BC. XIU enrolls just over 24,000 students.