Bucket List

bucket 01Take a selfie with the BGSU President

student and birds

bucket 02Snap a selfie with Freddie and Frieda Falcon

bucket 03Wear Orange and Brown on Falcon Friday

bucket 04Attend Fall Welcome events

bucket 05Dance at (or visit) Ziggython

bucket 06Steal a SICSIC Sez sign (or ask them to make you one)

bucket 07Attend a performance at the Wolfe Center or the Moore Musical Arts Center

bucket 08Grab lunch at an All Campus Cookout

bucket 09Tailgate at a home football game

bucket 10Learn the words to "Ay Ziggy Zoomba" and the Alma Mater


bucket 11Paint the Spirit Rock

bucket 12Eat Stuffed Breadsticks from Campus Pollyeyes

bucket 13Bring your family to a Falcon Family Weekend

bucket 15Discover the identities of #1 and #2 at the SICSIC unmasking

bucket 15Go to the reveal of Freddie and Frieda Falcon in the spring 

bucket 16Go with friends to Falcons After Dark or Late Night at the Rec

bucket 17Volunteer as an FaWL or move-in volunteer

bucket 18Discover your favorite place to volunteer
Commence 2021 DJI 0577 3

bucket 19Learn to cook something new at the Teaching Kitchen

bucket 20Watch the sun rise (or set) at the Doyt

bucket 21Fly a kite in "Blowing Green"

bucket 23Cheer on the BG Hockey team and sit with the Bleacher Creatures

bucket 23Participate in a philanthropy 5k on campus

bucket 24Attend the Black Swamp Arts Festival 

bucket 25Have your picture take with "The Thinker" outside of Olscamp

Updated: 06/02/2023 12:08PM