Celebrating BGSU's LGBTQ+ Community

To celebrate BGSU's LGBTQ+ community and LGBTQ+ History Month, we have asked campus staff, faculty, students and alumni to highlight our community’s visibility. This powerful opportunity allows us to collectively create visibility and positivity and offer a powerful connection for the LGBTQ+ community to contribute to BGSU’s Focus on the Future Strategic Plan in “Telling Our Story.”   

Enjoy these short videos addressing the following topics:

  • What was/is impactful for you about LGBTQ+ programs and services at BGSU?
  • What is the power of increased LGBTQ+ visibility on college campuses?
  • What was your coming out experience?
  • What do you believe is the importance of the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement?
  • What words of wisdom do you want to share with other people in the LGBTQ+ community?

LGBTQ+ History Month Events

LGBTQ+ Programs is pleased to announce to following events for 2020 LGBTQ+ History Month with hashtags #BGSULGBTQHM #BGSUHistoryInTheMaking. 

View all of the LGBTQ+ History Month Events

Updated: 10/28/2020 01:20PM