Chemical Waste Labeling

Containers with missing or illegible labels are classified as “unknowns.” Unknown chemicals require disposal place an unnecessary and costly burden on the University. Testing of the chemical must be performed in order to determine the appropriate hazard category of the unknown waste. Therefore, all containers holding hazardous wastes must be properly labeled. Any container with a label that is not secure or is becoming illegible must be relabeled.

Containers containing chemical waste must be labeled according to these specifications:

  • Waste chemicals that are in their original containers require only the words "hazardous waste" above the chemical name.
  • All containers used for commingling of wastes must be labeled with the words "hazardous waste" and an identification of the contents. A preprinted label acceptable to the Hazardous Waste Coordinator is recommended.
  • Additional labels may be needed if numerous compatible wastes are placed into one container.