Chemical Waste Collection

All containers used for the collection/storage of hazardous wastes must be structurally sound. The utilization of proper containers minimizes the potential for leakage and/or other releases into the environment. Whenever possible, the original container(s) need to be used. Container determination should be based on chemical characteristics of the waste material to be stored. For example, corrosive wastes should not be placed in a metal container.

Collection sites need to be established within the laboratory or other areas where hazardous wastes are generated. Waste containers should be conveniently located at these points as well. Individuals moving wastes to temporary storage sites must be knowledgeable of the relevant waste characteristics, waste handling guidelines, and appropriate spill control measures. Safety/spill control materials should also be readily available should a spill occur during transfer (see Spill Control Contingency Plan section).

NOTE: Safety cans and other similar storage containers are available through various commercial outlets. Recycled containers for waste storage may also be used. Information on acceptable chemical containers can be obtained through the Hazardous Waste Coordinator.