Stepladder Safety

When climbing, use a step stool or stepladder designed for the purpose.

  1. Characteristics of a safe step stool or stepladder:
    • The steps are deep enough to fit the length of your feet.
    • The surface of each step is non-skid.
    • The edge of each step is marked with a contrasting color.
    • There are side "hand" rails which extend above the last step and around to the front.
    • The base is wider than the top to prevent tipping.
    • The legs are sturdy and are fitted with rubber tips.
  2. When using a step stool or stepladder:
    • Look for the label to ensure it is strong enough to hold your body weight.
    • Make sure it is the correct height. You should not be leaning forward.
    • Place firmly on an even surface, free from clutter.
    • Lock it into place.
    • Climb facing the steps.
    • Never stand on the top step.
    • Do not lean forward or stretch.
    • Only reach for items that are directly in front of you.
    • Do not wear high heels when climbing.

If you have any questions or need assistance with step stool or stepladder safety, call Environmental Health and Safety at 372-2171.