Chemical Contaminants

Chemical contaminants can originate from activities inside and outside the building. Some chemicals do not pose a health hazard but produce annoying odors while others can cause acute or chronic health concerns that can be temporary or long-term.

Possible Sources of Chemical Contaminants:

  • Tobacco smoke

  • Printing machines and copiers

  • Emissions from products used in the building

  • Accidental spill of chemicals

  • Gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, which are products of combustion

  • Emissions from vehicles left running beside a building air intake

Reducing Chemical Contaminants:

  • Comply with Bowling Green State University’s no smoking policy.

  • Minimize bringing products into the building that could release sensitizing odors or contaminants such as perfume products, scented lotions and air fresheners.

  • Limit the number of laser printers and copiers that are in your general vicinity. Have multiple terminals connected to one printer.

  • Consolidate large electronic office equipment in a well ventilated room. Such equipment includes large photocopiers, fax machines, and laser printers.