Biological Contaminants

Biological contamination can result from inadequate maintenance and housekeeping, water spills, inadequate humidity control and condensation. Biological contaminants can also be introduced by building occupants (viruses and bacteria), infiltration (dust) or ventilation air (pollen). Biological pollutant exposures can cause symptoms in allergic individuals and can also play a key role in triggering asthma episodes.

Reducing Biological Contaminants

  • Use proper humidity controls. Remove stagnant water from unused humidifiers.

  • Clean up water spills.

  • Properly water plants and remove excess water.

  • Remove as much animal dander from clothing as possible before coming to work.

  • Use proper sanitation methods (washing hands after blowing nose or coughing into hand) when individuals are ill. Remain home if you are ill.

  • Thoroughly clean and dust your work area twice a month.

  • Limit the number of flowering plants to reduce allergic reactions.

  • Empty garbage containers daily.