Indoor Air Quality


Factors that May Contribute to Indoor Air Quality Problems

  • Sources of pollutants or odors

  • Design, maintenance and operation of building ventilation systems

  • Humidity and temperature
  • Occupant perceptions

  • Susceptibilities.

    • People react very differently when exposed to the same contaminant at similar concentrations. Some individuals are more sensitive to contaminants due to allergies or other health concerns. Some people may develop a severe allergic reaction while others are not affected.

Types of Pollutants


  • A building’s ventilation system is designed to provide a supply of fresh air while removing "stale" air from a room or building. The ventilation system also serves as a means of temperature and humidity control. Ventilation systems also aid in removing pollutants and odors from a room.

Maximizing Your Building’s/Room’s Ventilation

  • Do not block air vents. Place office furniture and equipment with adequate air circulation in mind.