Project IMPACT's work in the area of technology seeks to provide programming and curricula to allow mastery of current digital tools and technology integration best practices. Participants will be able to create meaningful contemporary learning environments, lead integration in local education agencies, and receive feedback on teaching practices. 

Research Team

  • Cindy Edwards
  • Allison Goedde
  • Tracy Huziak-Clark
  • Cindy Ross

Publications & Presentations

  • A Model for Preparing Internship Artifacts: A Teacher Educator Solution. International Society for Technology in Education Live 22 Conference. Goedde, A. and Patterson, N.
  • Digital tools to promote remote lesson study. International Journal of Learning and Lesson Study.  Weaver, J. C., Matney, G., Goedde, A. M. Nadler, J. R., & Patterson, N.
  • Moving CTE Teacher Mentoring from Face-to-Face to Virtual. 2021 NCLA/ACTE Best Practices and Innovations in Career and Technical Education Conference. Ross, C., & Thompson, D.
  • Digital Tools to Promote Remote Lesson Study. International Society for Technology in Education Live 21 Conference. Goedde, A., Weaver, J., Matney, G., Nadler, J., and Patterson, N.
  • Moving Teacher Mentoring from Face-to-Face to a Virtual Environment. Ohio Confederation of Teacher Education Organizations Fall 2020 Conference. Ross, C., & Thompson, D.
  • Video is Worth 10,000 Words: Using GoReact for Formative Feedback on Complex Performances. Ohio Higher Education Computing Council 2019 Conference. Lavery, M., Huziak-Clark, T., and Souter, R.     

Online Teaching Resources

  • Creating Bitmoji Interactive Rooms - Bitmoji avatars and rooms help teachers and staff create welcoming,
    interactive, and organized virtual spaces for students.
  • ISTE Learning Keeps Going - To support educators and parents with online learning, ISTE and EdSurge have curated a list of free tools and resources as well as an Educator Help Desk where experts will answer your online learning questions.
  • Technology Integration Leaders of Ohio (TILO)  - This online tool showcases resources that provide continued connection, compassion, and learning to our most precious asset: our children. The Firehose Project provides high quality, vetted resources curated by content area experts. It is created BY TEACHERS FOR TEACHERS.
  • SETDA Online Learning Tools - Transitioning to eLearning requires training to effectively use digital tools and applications. SETDA provides free resources for educators and administrators to better understand how to teach online.
  • Common Sense Media - Even if students are comfortable with technology, learning online requires its own norms and procedures, many of which will be new to students who are used to learning in a face-to-face classroom.  The lesson plans listed here are all available for free as part of Common Sense Education's K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum.
  • Wakelet - Educators, students, sportspeople, bloggers, researchers, journalists, librarians, photographers, organizations and individuals are all using Wakelet to curate content from across the web, gather research, create digital portfolios, tell digital stories, distribute newsletters, and much more.
  • Quality Matters Remote Learning Checklist - The Quality Matters Emergency Remote Instruction (ERI) Checklist is a tiered list of considerations, tips, and actionable strategies to enact during an institutional move to temporary remote instruction of classroom-based courses.
  • Creative Commons - Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a globally-accessible public commons of knowledge and culture. They are making it easier for people to share their creative and academic work, as well as to access and build upon the work of others.

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