Social Emotional Learning

Project IMPACT will improve the nature and scope of the social and emotional learning (SEL) content for teacher candidates at BGSU and for practicing teachers by providing professional development opportunities through our partnerships. There are two main goals of our implementation plan. The first is facilitating teachers’ learning about SEL-related theories and the application of these theories through programs and curricula designed to support the development of their students. The second is facilitating teachers’ learning about their own emotional practice in the classroom, including strategies designed to bolster their own well-being and reduce burnout while also supporting the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of their students.

Research Team

  • Christy Galletta Horner
  • Oluwatobi Taiwo Ishola
  • Kristina LaVenia
  • Art Lewandowski
  • Alicia Mrachko
  • JP Oehrtman
  • Oluwafisayo Oke
  • Brooks Vostal
Social Emotional Learning Professional Development

Updated: 07/24/2023 10:59AM