Virtual Simulations Training Center

Virtual simulations allow teachers to gain practical experience teaching students with specific learning needs without being assigned to classrooms.  The Virtual Simulations Training Center, located in 213A Education Building, is being used by numerous EDHD instructors to allow authentic application of course content. Classes can use simulations in-person or remotely through Zoom.

Our list of Virtual Simulation Current Offerings describes the simulations we can offer with a short amount of lead time.  With more planning time, we can customize a simulation for you.

If you are interested in utilizing one of our Current Offerings, complete the Current Offerings Simulation Request.  If you are interested in working with us to develop a new simulation, email  Please note that a minimum of 6 weeks lead time is needed for simulation development.

Simulation Specialists
Mursion Use in Class
Elementary Declaration of Independence Lesson Introduction

This recording shows a student leading a lesson to 3rd grade avatars. The lesson starts by connecting to prior knowledge then focuses on examining the text of the Declaration of Independence. The avatars read lines from the Declaration on their iPads, work in pairs to discuss the lines, and identify synonyms for some words in the Preamble.

High School Perimeter Discussion Virtual Simulation

This video shows a portion of a virtual simulation lesson on how perimeter changes with shape area. The avatar in the video shares her screen to show how she solved the problem, and the learner asks questions to get the details of the solution.

Instructional Coaching Simulation

This video shows a portion of an instructional coaching session where a field coach works with a teacher candidate to identify a concern and work through strategies to address concern.

Updated: 12/07/2022 08:16AM