Project IMPACT

Project IMPACT is committed to equitably and effectively educating each child through meaningful P20 partnerships focused on facilitating high-quality, relevant professional development that supports and empowers preservice and inservice educators.

We are doing this through:

  • revisions within existing teacher candidate education programs
  • additional professional development for teacher candidates and in-service teachers in high need content areas modifications to our current clinical model to include coursework in partner LEAs
  • a robust induction program that supports novice teachers through the transition from student to teacher
Springfield Teachers at Professional Development
Students at Professional Development

Expected outcomes

We will provide research-based professional development support for teacher candidates and in-service teachers to meet the current needs of our partners. By the end of the project, we will fully embed these changes into all of BGSU's teacher education programs, as well as sharing widely with others in the field of teacher education.


  1. Recruit, prepare, mentor and develop highly qualified teachers, particularly from historically under-represented populations, to fill difficult-to-staff positions.
  2. Establish, develop and strengthen partnerships with area stakeholders including, but not limited to, local area districts and urban, rural, and charter schools.
  3. Develop and implement a three-year teacher induction program to support new teachers who graduate from BGSU and are employed within their first five years of teaching experience in a partner local education agency or charter school.
  4. Establish processes for the development of reform-based course modules for infusion into teacher education curriculum.
Learn more about Project IMPACT by watching our overview video.