Professional Year Field Experiences

The College of Education and Human Development contracts with numerous school districts in a 70-mile radius of Bowling Green to provide field placements for students in initial teacher licensure programs at BGSU. The Office of Educator Preparation and Partnerships (OEPP) works with personnel in 300 regional schools to arrange early field experiences, methods, and student teaching for students. Options for national and international student teaching placements are also available for eligible students.

Students pursuing licensure in Inclusive Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescent/Young Adult, Intervention Specialist/Special Education, World Language, and Workforce Education and Development participate in a professional year experience in which they complete their methods and student teaching placements in the same classroom over two consecutive semesters. Early field experiences are arranged by OEPP in collaboration with program faculty/instructors, who communicate expectations and procedures within the structure of each course.

The Office of Field Experiences also places students seeking initial licensure in Art, Music, and Physical Education/Health Education for their student teaching experiences. Earlier field experiences are arranged by program faculty/instructors, who communicate expectations and procedures within the structure of each program and course.

Application Process

All students in the programs listed above must attend major-specific sign-up meetings, held during the first two weeks of the semester prior to their enrollment in methods courses (or the previous semester for Workforce Education and Development). During the meeting, students are given current information about the application process, placement area, eligibility, expectations, requirements, and forms that must be turned in. Students complete and submit their application forms before leaving the meeting. Applications submitted later than March 15th will not be accepted. Other options, such as international or national student teaching/internship opportunities, are also discussed at this meeting.

Methods Eligibility

Students must complete all prerequisite coursework, meet all course grade and grade point average requirements, provide documentation of a current BCI/FBI background check, and obtain the required program test scores by July 1 of each year.

Placement Policy

Placements are made by the Office of Field Experiences and the program area only and are based on the following factors:

  1. Eligibility of the student. 
  2. Quality and availability of approved field sites within a 70-mile radius of Bowling Green.*
  3. The teacher candidate's previous field experiences to ensure a diverse placement.
  4. Availability of qualified university mentor and classroom mentor teacher. 
  5. Location of student’s prior school experience. Students are not to student teach in a school they attended they graduated from, or in which they are employed. 
  6. Students are not to student teach in a school where a close family, friend, or relative is attending or professionally employed. 

*Applications to student teach outside the placement radius will be accepted for extreme circumstance cases only. These written appeals must be submitted well in advance on an Application for Transient Student Teaching Placement, along with all required documentation, and approved by the Transient Placement Committee.  The transient application may be obtained from OEPP in 101 Education Building.