2016 Student Spotlights

  • Nichole Davenport
    Nichole Davenport was nominated by Dr. Laura Landry-Meyer for her academic achievement in the human development and family studies major.

  • Nicolette Griffin
    Ms. Griffin has high expectations for herself as evidenced by her hard work. She is knowledgable about content, students’ abilities and characteristics, and the appropriate strategies to use when providing instruction.

  • Sarah McClure
    McClure was nominated for this distinction because she is an excellent student, personable, friendly and shows a strong commitment to learning. Additionally, the Inclusive Early Childhood faculty believe she will be an ideal candidate to work with young children from various backgrounds.

  • Scott Grant

  • Whitney Wolff
    Nominated by Drs. Fullenkamp and Laurent, Wolff demonstrates exceptional commitment to the major as a student and a student-leader. As an undergraduate, she is engaged in undergraduate research and holds a management role at the Student Recreation center, managing fellow student fitness instructors.