Brianna Bradfield

Name: Brianna (Bri) Bradfield

Major: Middle Childhood Education Mathematics Education

Anticipated Graduation Date/Graduation Date: May 2013

Nominated by: Dr. Jonathan Bostic and Dr. Gabriel Matney

Involvement in Organizations:

Chi Omega Fraternity

  • Morale Chair 2010
  • Sisterhood Chair 2011
  • Secretary 2012

Collegiate Middle Level Association
Bowling Green Council for Teaching Mathematics
Volunteer for STEM in the Park

Activities, Honors, Awards:

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant to support Ohio Board of Regents Improving Teacher Quality grants, (CO)^2RES Elementary and (CO)^2RES Secondary.
  • According to Dr. Bostic, Bri is “currently working on an independent research project. It is a self-study of how the videos (showing teachers making sense of the new Ohio mathematics standards) impacted her thoughts about mathematics teaching, and furthermore, how it impacts her mathematics teaching during the methods field experience.”


In their nomination of Bri for the EDHD Student Highlight, Drs. Bostic and Matney mention that Bri is a “diligent and thoughtful undergraduate who cares about teaching. [She shows a] deep reflection on mathematics content and mathematics teaching [as well as] an interest in research. [Bri is able to] “think critically about her own teaching and suggest[s] ways that it might transform other pre-service teachers.” According to Dr. Bostic, “Dr. Matney and I are fortunate to have a dedicated pre-service educator who has a vested interest in improving her mathematics teaching.“

Other Student highlights