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Teacher Testimonial - Aaron Walston, Napoleon Teacher

Oklahoma City Math Camp 2018

BGSU’s pre-service teachers have been doing Math Camps in Northwest Ohio, and research has shown its positive impact on students. We feel that it is important to share our ideas with others and spread Math Camp to other areas of the United States, so it can have a greater impact. In May of 2018, BGSU students traveled to Oklahoma City to hold a math camp for Santa Fe South schools, an urban school with a high poverty rate and highly diverse student population. Prior to the camp we provided a free training for pre-service teachers and graduate students from the University of North Texas, Oklahoma State University, and Oklahoma Baptist University. Those who attended the training then joined us in conducting the SFS Math Camp. Our goal was to help other universities start doing math camp or STEM camps of their own for the students in their local schools.

Updated: 10/21/2022 02:39PM