Math Camp is composed of a number of different components that create an exciting and educational camp experience. Check out the different components below!


This component of Math Camp includes student teams rotating through a variety of mathematical stations. The stations cover a variety of mathematical content, problem solving, teamwork, perseverance, and critical thinking skills. The content of the stations is widely adaptable to reinforce classroom concepts by creating novel situations to apply learning.


Brain Challenge

This component challenges students to apply classroom learning to unique situations by solving challenging problems, which include puzzles, logic, and mathematical questions. Brain Challenge operates as a speed-based competition that encourages collaboration and teamwork to collectively solve difficult problems.


Ravana is a component that challenges students to problem solve, work as a team, communicate clearly, think logically, and make reasonable conjectures based off of evidence. Engaging students with a puzzle-like task that utilizes the campers as the center of the component is a high-energy experience that embeds learning in an exciting game


Energizers Small

Energizers include the songs, dances, and games performed throughout the camp. These are essentially the heart of keeping campers energized while learning mathematics. All of the campers learn the Math Camp song to create a dynamic camp experience. Through kinesthetic movement, campers are able to acquire a deeper understanding of the mathematical concepts embedded in the song. Additionally, each team learns their own song and dance to help break the ice between team members, build community within the group, and have fun! All of the songs and dances come from Thailand - adding an exciting cross-cultural connection!

Math Art

This is the final component of Math Camp that provides campers an opportunity to collectively reflect, summarize, and synthesize their experiences at Math Camp. Providing time for the campers and the BGSU preservice teachers to reflect on their experiences at Math Camp serves as a culminating activity.