Math Camp

Math Camp is an energetic and active day of team work, problem solving, and skill development.

Students engage in fun-filled experiences about teamwork, problem solving, mathematics, and the connections between mathematics and the real world, all in a camp-like atmosphere where there is song, dance, and silliness. Each math camp is specifically designed by the preservice teachers of the Bowling Green Council of Teachers of Mathematics (BGCTM) with oversight from BGSU’s mathematics education faculty. Aligned with the Common Core and Ohio Learning Standards for Mathematics, BGCTM preservice teachers work with each school's liaison to identify specific areas of mathematics need for the students in order to design a worthwhile and focused camp experience.



Front Row (Left to Right): Dean Mraz Jr., Emma Freytag, Kelsey McReynolds, Abby Martin, Maggie Christie

Back Row (Left to Right): Dr. Matney, Logan Selby, Haya Saadeh, Nick Drown, Zeke Ferrell, Morgan Bannister

Important Math Camp Update 8/18/2020

We hope that everyone is doing the best that they can during these unprecedented times. Unfortunately, due to BGSU Travel Restrictions, School Travel Restrictions, and the safety of students, professors, and faculty, there will be no Math Camps (in-person or virtually) during Fall semester 2020. We will reevaluate this situation if there is a change in the status of the ongoing pandemic.

In addition, some may already be aware, but our usual Collegiate Camp, which is typically held in the Fall semester of each school year, has been moved to Spring semester. This was done prior to COVID-19, but we are just reminding you of this change. We are unaware of how exactly Collegiate Camp will play out, but be aware that something (whether virtually, small group, or normal) will still occur.

As we are still adjusting to this new setup, of having School Camps in the Fall mostly and Collegiate in the Spring, we will be making some changes and adding new events! One new event that is in the works is a “Math Camp Information Night” (the title needs some work, but ya get the point). During this evening, we will highlight what Math Camp is, how to participate, and all other sorts of information. This event is geared towards incoming first year students, transfer students, and other who would like to learn more information. We may need some assistance from those who have attended prior Math Camps. We are looking at the week of October 5-9th sometime during the evening one night for this event. We will have more information as we plan this event.

Speaking of information, if you would like to keep up to date on all of our latest updates from Math Camp, please follow BGSU Math Camp on Twitter (@mathcampBGSU), Facebook (BGSU Math Camp), and check out our website (

We know that this may not be the happy news you were looking forward to, as the Leadership team is just as disappointed as you. We will work through these trying times, together.

Please stay safe, healthy, and have a great semester at BG!


BGSU’s pre-service teachers have been doing Math Camps in Northwest Ohio, and research has shown its positive impact on students. We feel that it is important to share our ideas with others and spread Math Camp to other areas of the United States, so it can have a greater impact. In May of 2018, BGSU students traveled to Oklahoma City to hold a math camp for Santa Fe South schools, an urban school with a high poverty rate and highly diverse student population.  Prior to the camp we provided a free training for pre-service teachers and graduate students from the University of North Texas, Oklahoma State University, and Oklahoma Baptist University.  Those who attended the training then joined us in conducting the SFS Math Camp.  Our goal was to help other universities start doing math camp or STEM camps of their own for the students in their local schools.

BGSU Oklahoma City Trip 2018