Math Camp

Math Camp is an energetic and active day of mathematical teamwork, problem solving, and skill development.

Students engage in fun-filled experiences about teamwork, problem solving, mathematics, and the connections between mathematics and the real world, all in a camp-like atmosphere where there is song, dance, and silliness. Each math camp is specifically designed by the preservice teachers of math camp with oversight from BGSU’s mathematics education faculty. Aligned with the Common Core and Ohio Learning Standards for Mathematics, Math Camp preservice teachers work with each school's liaison to identify specific areas of mathematics need for the students in order to design a worthwhile and focused camp experience.

Math Camp is affiliated with the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics (OCTM) as of December 2021 and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) as of June 2022. 
More information about OCTM and NCTM can be found on OCTM's website and NCTM's website.



Left to Right: Alex Bajwa (Affiliate Coordinator), RJ Chalfant (Families Coordinator), Erin Lynch (Co-Leader), Laney Ventimiglia (Co-Leader), Bobby Conarroe (Energizer), Oliver Soper (Stations Coordinator), Megan Recker (Affiliate Coordinator)

Spring 2023 Happenings

School Camps

February 25th - Chamberlin Hill Intermediate School (Grade 5)

March 25th - Springfield Local Schools (Grade 3)

April 15th - Hull Prairie Intermediate School (Grade 4)

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Napoleon Math Camp 2022

Check out our documentary of Napoleon Elementary Math Camp! This was a specialty Math Camp with dietetics-infused activities, featuring our new station: Electro-Lyte It Up. This camp also included many of the standard elements of Math Camp.

Updated: 03/30/2023 12:23PM