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BGSU’s pre-service teachers have been doing Math Camps in Northwest Ohio, and research has shown its positive impact on students. We feel that it is important to share our ideas with others and spread Math Camp to other areas of the United States, so it can have a greater impact. In May, BGSU students would like to travel to Oklahoma City to hold a math camp for Santa Fe South schools, an urban school with a high poverty rate and highly diverse student population. We have invited pre-service teachers from Oklahoma State University and The University of Oklahoma to train with us and join us in conducting the math camp with the goal of helping other universities start doing math camp in their local schools.
To the right is our Falcon Funded page that we are using to fundraise for this service trip. We would greatly appreciate your support in sharing our page with others through email, Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of communication. Any donation will help us to spread our love of mathematics nation wide.


Math Camp is an energetic and active day of team work, problem solving, and skill development.

Students engage in fun-filled experiences about teamwork, problem solving, mathematics, and the connections between mathematics and the real world, all in a camp-like atmosphere where there is song, dance, and silliness. Each math camp is specifically designed by the preservice teachers of the Bowling Green Council of Teachers of Mathematics (BGCTM) with oversight from BGSU’s mathematics education faculty. Aligned with the Common Core and Ohio Learning Standards for Mathematics, BGCTM preservice teachers work with each school's liaison to identify specific areas of mathematics need for the students in order to design a worthwhile and focused camp experience.

Below is a video of a math camp held in Napolean:

Spring 2018 Math Camps!

January 20th: Osborne Elementary School, Sandusky City Schools


February 10th: Napoleon Elementary School, Napoleon Area City Schools


February 24th: Hull Prairie Intermediate School, Perrysburg Schools

March 24th: Bowling Green Middle School, Bowling Green City Schools

March 24th: Imagine Clay Avenue Community School

April 7th: Ottawa Hills Elementary School, Ottawa Hills Local Schools

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