Course Descriptions

EDTL 6110 - Curriculum Inquiry with Field Experience (3) Sources of curriculum; foundational bases for contemporary curriculum; forces that shape design and development of curriculum; and factors related to implementing, modifying, and evaluating curriculum. Approved for Distance Ed.

EDTL 6770 - Curriculum Issues and Trends with Field Experience (3) On demand. Theories, principles, and concepts pertaining to learning process; variables associated with basic classroom learning problems. Recent theoretical and research developments related to classroom learning problems; current practices and innovations in educative process; and the learning development of children, adolescents, and young adults. Approved for Distance Ed.

EDTL 6120 - Classroom Technology for Teachers (3). On demand. The Classroom Technology for Teachers course is an introduction to computers in education with hands-on experience. The purpose of the course is to introduce technology skills and integration strategies to the educator. The course participants will become aware of several applications of technology and integration methods in the elementary and secondary classroom. The participant will also develop skills and strategies in using Internet resources in the classroom. Approved for Distance Ed.

EDTL 6500 - Advanced Pedagogy and Best Practices with Field Experience (3). Advanced Pedagogy and Best Practices. This course provides Masters level students with a deeper review of pedagogy as it looks and operates in best practice settings.  It focuses on understanding the interrelated nature of methodology, context and pedagogical content knowledge.  Key best practice teaching methods will be explored. Key concepts in pedagogy and best practice will be addressed such as inquiry, differentiated instruction, hands-on, standards based and technology infusion. Approved for Distance Ed..

EDFI 6410 - Statistics (3). Statistics as a tool in education and research, descriptive statistics, transformation of scores, sampling and probability, linear correlation and regression, introduction to statistical inference, basic tests of significance, and effect size. Approved for Distance Ed.

EDFI 6450 - Using Assessment and Research to Improve Practice (3) Introduction to process of data-driven instructional decision making, through assessment-based research in educational settings; focus is on using assessment results and additional research to better inform instructional decisions. Approved for Distance Ed.

EDTL 6530 - Qualitative Approaches to Classroom Inquiry (3) Introduction to qualitative methods focusing on naturalistic inquiry, ethnographic methodologies, and interpretive research to be used in classroom research. Approved for Distance Ed.

EDTL 6910 - Master's Project in Curriculum Teaching (3).  On demand.  Supervised independent research on delimited topic for Plan II Master of Education degree option. Approved for Distance Ed.

EDTL 6990 - Thesis Research (1-12). On demand. Enrollment in excess of four hours acceptable for Plan I master's degree but not more than six hours creditable toward degree. Graded S/U. Approved for Distance Ed.