Educational Games that enhance reading instruction in the classroom!


Carl’s Corner

  • This site provides teacher made games and activities that can be printed out and used for reading centers or individual tutoring.

Dolch sight words:

  • Make flash cards and have students race to see who can say the word correctly first.
  • Give students a one-minute time limit and count how many sight words they can name during that   time frame.
  • Reading games online for sight words! Reading Games
  • Sight Word Jenga- Take a traditional Jenga game and place sight words on each block.  In order for the students to pull the block they must say the sight word correctly!
  • Sight Word Twister- Place sight words on a Twister board and instead of using colors, have students move their arms and legs to different sight words.  Multiple words can be added to each circle for an extra challenge.
  • Sight Word Bingo! Create your own BINGO game by using common sight words. 

Free Online Games:

Additional Games

Banana Grams

  • The Banana Grams game is played similar to Scrabble and can be modified to address various learning needs.  This game can be beneficial for increasing sight word recognition and vocabulary!
  • Instructions for Banana Grams


Activities to Create:

    1. created this website in hopes of providing parents and teachers with ideas that support reading at home and in school.  This website describes how the game is played and lists necessary materials.  It also gives an overview of what reading skill is being addressed during each game.
  • Write down five questions that are important from the novel.  The teacher starts by asking a question and throws a ball to someone in the class. The student then has to answer the question and ask his or her question before throwing the ball to someone else.
  • Character collages: Students can create character collages using magazines, pictures, drawings, newspapers, and other materials to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the characters they read about. 
  • Journal writing in character: Journal writing allows students to express themselves through written work.  Students gain a deeper understanding of a character if they put themselves in that character’s shoes.