Field Placements

Beginning their first semester in ECCO, members will take on a 50 hour field placement in a community different than the one they came from in high school.  During their second semester students will do another 50 hour field placement in another context different from their own.  In their third semester in the program they will be able to go to a school similar to the one they experienced in their own education.  In their fourth semester students will be asked to choose a contextual focus area and will spend the rest of their academic career in ECCO focusing on the context in which they hope to teach. 

Field Placement Reflections

ECCO is dedicated to creating culturally competent leaders. We help members to make changes in their own lives to become dedicated and engaged members of the community that make a difference in the lives of students and families in these schools.  Therefore we are committed to providing students with experience in urban, rural, and suburban schools.  Each of these communities have their own unique challenges.  By learning how to teach in multiple educational environments, ECCO students become well prepared to move forward as full time teachers after graduation.

Updated: 11/07/2018 10:53AM