Learning Outcomes

ECCO seminar

As a living-learning community, ECCO has a significant stake in achieving specific learning outcomes specifically related to teaching and learning. If a student stays active in ECCO for four years, they can expect to achieve the following learning outcomes:

Contextual Competence

  • ECCO members will acquire at least 300 hours of in-class experience prior to Methods & Student Teaching.
  • ECCO members will successfully complete 24-30 hours of ECCO focused courses.
  • ECCO members will participate in regular service events to acquire a disposition toward community organizing and activism.
  • ECCO members will visit community resources and be exposed to ways of using those resources in the classroom.

Social & Emotional Competence

  • ECCO members will engage in multiple and regular reflections on their experiences and learning.
  • ECCO members will participate in regular social events to acquire a group of colleagues to sustain them through college and into the workplace.
  • ECCO members will be provided challenging material, experiences, and opportunities to enhance their decision making and coping skills.

Professional Competence

  • ECCO members will maintain a current resume and cover letter sample.
  • ECCO members will participate in regular professional development events to acquire appropriate knowledge, skills, and dispositions not ordinarily developed in academic courses.
  • ECCO members will reflect on professional feedback they receive on their performance.
  • ECCO members will create and fulfill a career path “ticket” to keep them on track for the profession during Methods & Student Teaching.

Updated: 11/07/2018 10:53AM