ECCO Houses


All ECCO members participate in a "house" which are smaller groups within ECCO that are facilitated by  Heads of Houses.  A Head of House is there for support and to be a leader by ensuring all house members feel included and are becoming involved on campus and within ECCO.  Heads of Houses make sure that members are receiving information and advice to help them become successful both academically and professionally.  Heads of Houses will also plan social, service, and professional development events within and between houses.

Behind White Pickett Fences

House Leaders:

Ali Brown:

Nicole Busdeker:

Megan Miner:

Tommy Snapp:

Color Me Differently

House Leaders:

Chessica Ruppert-Midtvedt:

Devenn Reineck:


House of representatives

House Leaders:

Austen Faluski:

Erin Holt:

Caitlin Dombroski:


Our Footprints

House Leader:

Elly Schnitker:

Danielle Herr:

Lauren Brenizer:

digging into the heart

House Leaders:

Jessica Root:

Olivia Kalinowski:

Katherine Faircloth:

Alyssa Lunka:


Aqua Vitae

House Leaders:

Danny Watson:

Isaac Pritt:


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