Intervention Specialist

Intervention Specialist – Mild/Moderate Educational Needs (K-12)
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Intervention Specialist – Moderate/Intensive Educational Needs (K-12)
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Individuals who wish to become licensed in the State of Ohio as K-12 Intervention Specialists (Special Educators) can choose to specialize in either the Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist or the Moderate/Intensive Intervention Specialist program area.  These licensure programs are designed to prepare candidates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to meet the educational needs of students in grades K-12 (ages 5-21) with mild to moderate disabilities (e.g., learning disabilities, developmental disabilities) or moderate to intensive disabilities (e.g., developmental disabilities, multiple disabilities).  Program coursework and field experiences are aligned with special educator preparation standards of the Council for Exceptional Children and integrate foundation knowledge and skills, theories, methods, and practices to work and advocate on behalf of learners with disabilities.

Individuals who enter the program without an initial teaching license are required to complete up to 70 credit hours of licensure coursework.  Individuals who hold an initial teaching license can add an intervention specialist license with fewer credit hours of coursework.  Upon completing the required licensure coursework and successfully passing state-approved teacher licensure exams and requirements, candidates may apply to the Ohio Department of Education for teacher licensure.