Course Descriptions

EDAS 7830 Orientation to Leadership Studies (1).

EDLS 7010 Organizational Change (3).

This course is designed to analyze the fundamental behavioral concepts and process of organizations. The complex process of organizational change and how it can be managed through a collection of techniques. Issues such as forces related to creating the need for organizational change in human resource and educational organizations will be examined.

EDLS 7110 Moral and Ethical Leadership (4).

Examination, discussion, and application of the major moral and ethical theories and principles confronting organizational leaders. Includes a discussion of the ethical relationships among professionals and the potential conflicts between personal and professional ethics.

 EDLS 7210 Leadership Theories (4).

An introductory examination of diverse philosophical and theoretical perspectives which have been used to study leadership and leadership theory as it relates particularly to educational and other human services organization from an interdisciplinary perspective.

EDLS 7310 Diversity and Cultural Leadership (3).

This course is designed to examine and bring to consciousness the social, cultural, and historical influences on leadership in a multicultural democracy. This will be done by investigating and making visible aspects of the social forces, cultural dynamics, and historical contexts which influence human experience. Discoveries to leadership roles and practices will also be applied, as well as used to question the ends or purposes of our leadership practices. The course involves both theory and practice with an emphasis on practitioner research.

EDLS 7410 Institutional Policy (3).

Institutional Policy has an emphasis on the balance between theory and practice. The students will examine various decision-making models, as well as the major stages in institutional policymaking and policy analysis, applicable to a variety of professions.

EDAS 7820 Leadership for Adult Development (3).

This course focuses on how adult learning and development processes are essential to effective leadership and can be nurtured by engaging in reflective exploration of personal and professional experiences and issues. The course addresses how the modern leader makes meaning of his or her personal, political, and professional dimensions in the context of social, cultural, and organizational environments. Life course issues, maintaining congruent personal and professional lives, theories of adult development, and finding the multifaceted “voices” that contribute to constructing meaning in our complex lives are explored.</.p>

EDLS 7710 Internship in Leadership Studies (2).

An advanced internship/practicum placement experience that is designed to be supportive of the experiential needs of each student as these needs relate to achieving that student's career goals. Prerequisite: completion of a minimum of 18 semester hours of EDLS "core" course work.

EDFI 7510 Advanced Quantitative Methods I (3).

Theoretical constructs in research, identification and evaluation of research problems, research designs, sampling techniques, data collection instrumentation, and research proposal design. Prerequisite: EDFI 6420.

EDFI 7520 Advanced Quantitative Methods II (3).

Application of advanced and multivariate statistical techniques. Multiple regression, factorial analysis of variance, multivariate analysis of variance, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, logistic regression, and other topics. Prerequisites: EDFI 6410 and EDFI 7510.

EDFI 7540 Qualitative Research Methods (3).

Doctoral-level course that examines the history and theoretical underpinnings of qualitative research in education. Students will review a variety of qualitative studies and apply fundamental methods of data collection and analysis in conducting a small qualitative case study. Prerequisite: EDFI 6420 or EDFI 7500 or equivalent.

EDLS 7750 Proposal Development in Leadership Studies (3).

The broad purpose of this course is to provide students with experiences for the acquisition of skills needed to develop a dissertation proposal. Students will learn to use research to understand and investigate the connection between theory and practice in various areas of leadership. Students will (1) choose and refine a research topic, research problem, purpose statement, and questions or hypotheses, 2) review the literature and develop/choose a conceptual framework; and (3) develop methodological components of their study. Students are expected to enter the class with a topic focus.

EDAS 7990 Dissertation Research (1-16).

Student must register for a minimum of 16 hours in this course while working on doctoral dissertation; may be repeated to 30 hours in degree program.

This is a sampling of electives available. Students may select other electives that coincide with their area of interest.
  • EDTL 6110 The Curriculum (3)
  • EDTL 7100 Curriculum and Instructional Design (3)
  • EDFI 6000 Philosophy of Education (3).
  • EDFI 6010 Comparative Education (3).
  • EDFI 6020 History of Education (3)
  • EDFI 6410 Statistics in Education (3).
  • EDFI 6420  Research in Education (3).
  • EDFI 6710 Human Growth and Development (3).
  • EDFI 6730 Adolescence Development within Social Context (3).
  • EDFI 7500 Quantitative Research and Statistical Methods in Leadership Studies (3).
  • EDAS 6210 Introduction to Organizational Leadership and Change (3).
  • EDAS 6220 The Contemporary Principal in a Technological Society (3).
  • EDAS 6230 Law,Ethics and Negotiation in School Administration (3).
  • EDAS 6240 Fiscal Management and Resource Allocation (3).
  • EDAS 6250 School Culture and Instructional and Professional Development (3).
  • EDAS 7210 Information Management, Evaluation, and Student Personnel Services (3).
  • EDAS 7220 Diversity of School Communities and Political Dynamics (3).
  • EDAS 7230 Personnel Administration in Education (3).
  • EDAS 7240 School Business Affairs (3).
  • EDAS 7250 Board of Education and Superintendent Relations (3).
  • EDAS 7310 Seminar: Educational Law (3).
  • EDAS 7320 Seminar: Business Applications in Education (3).
  • EDAS 7330 Seminar: Collective Bargaining (3).
  • EDAS 7340 Seminar: Educational Finance (3).
  • EDAS 7350 Seminar: Integrated Leadership in Educational Organizations (3).
  • EDAS 7360 Seminar: Educational Facilities Planning and Management (3).
  • EDAS 7800 Graduate Seminar in Educational Administration and Supervision Topics (1-3).
  • EDAS 7820 Issues in Educational Administration and Supervision (1-4).
  • EDAS 7830 Issues in Educational Administration and Supervision (1-4).
  • EDAS 7840 Directed Readings in Educational Administration and Supervision (1-3).
  • EDAS 7960 Supervised Advanced Practicum in Educational Administration and Supervision (1-3).