Current Students

Students in the Leadership Studies Doctoral Program participate in a cohort system throughout their time at BGSU. 

Examples of current students' interests include:

  • Residence Life at Universities: Crisis Management within a Residence Life Context 
  • English as a Second Language in grades K-12: Discovering how a Student's L1 (first language) and Culture Affects English Language Acquisition; Mainstream Teachers' Self Efficacy When Working with English Learners
  • Sport Psychology: Examining Experiences of Sport Psychology Consultants Employing a Social Justice Lens to Studies and Applied Practice; Training Sport Psychology Consultants in Cultural Competence via Virtual Training and Classroom Education; Development of Diverse and Inclusive Spaces within Athletic Teams in Sport Psychology Practices 
Cohort 24

Cohort #24

Start date - August 2020

Cohort 23 Start Date August 2019

Cohort #23

Start date - August 2019

Cohort 22 Start date August 2018

Cohort #22

Start date - August 2018

Cohort 21 Start date August 2017

Cohort #21

Start date - August 2017

Each year full-time Leadership Studies Doctoral Program students participate in graduate assistantships. Graduate assistants are assigned various responsibilities ranging from undergraduate instruction, program administration, and program assistance to individual faculty member support in research, teaching, and publishing activities. Assistantships occur in the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Policy, as well as in other schools and offices across campus. 

2020-2021 Graduate Assistants

Rabab Darwish, Tobi Ishola, Lakisha Huggins, Monica Ochola, Cindy Edwards, Bernie Compton, Olu Oke, Maria Sellers-McGauley, Dalia Huansi, Chioma Amadi, Tim Folger, Bankole Kumolu-Johnson, Adwowa Osei, Katie Perkins


Graduate Assistants

  • Emmah Muema
  • Rabab Darwish
  • Tobi Ishola
  • Lakisha Huggins
  • Monica Ochola
  • Cindy Edwards
  • Bernie Compton
  • Olu Oke
  • Maria Sellers-McGauley


Graduate Assistants

  • Richard Brown
  • Heather Calkins
  • June Won
  • Sarah Stiltner
  • Tobi Ishola
  • Rabab Darwish
  • Emmah Muema
  • Jill Bernaciak
  • Monica Ochola
  • Cynthia Edwards


Graduate Assistants

  • ​Richard Brown
  • Dawn Henry
  • Jacquelyn May
  • D. Christopher Scott
  • Abhijeet Shirsat
  • Heather Calkins
  • Sara Stiltner
  • Sung June Won
  • Tobi Ishola
  • Rabab Darwish
  • Emmah Muema